jueves, 17 de diciembre de 2015


Ana Gorría, autora de nuestro Número CUATRO, nos trae hoy una traducción del poeta LI-YOUNG LEE (Indonesia, 1957).

Además de haber participado en nuestro número en papel con una traducción de Gonzalo Hermo (Premio de Poesía Joven Miguel Hernández, 2015), Ana Gorría colabora con La Galla Ciencia en la sección de Traducciones y respondió a nuestras preguntas del cuestionario 12&21.


While the long grain is softening
in the water, gurgling
over a low stove flame, before
the salted Winter Vegetable is sliced
for breakfast, before the birds,
my mother glides an ivory comb
through her hair, heavy
and black as calligrapher’s ink.

She sits at the foot of the bed.
My father watches, listens for
the music of comb
against hair.

My mother combs,
pulls her hair back
tight, rolls it
around two fingers, pins it
in a bun to the back of her head.
For half a hundred years she has done this.
My father likes to see it like this.
He says it is kempt.

But I know
it is because of the way
my mother’s hair falls
when he pulls the pins out.
Easily, like the curtains
when they untie them in the evening.

*Pincha aquí para leer la traducción.

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